Genuine Australian

After graduating the paramedic program Kathryn went back to school for nursing and is working as a Nurse in a Long Term Care setting. Chris has been working full-time as a paramedic since 2011 and is now a paramedic supervisor. 

Kathryn and Chris met in College in 2010. After graduating and coming back to Ottawa the two got their first dog Cooper (Gold). Cooper developed a strong bond with Chris' father Kevin after he suffered a stroke. One morning Cooper was whining and making noises that Kathryn had never heard before. He was running around the house trying to get her attention and led Kathryn to Kevin who was having a seizure on the couch. Cooper was able to alert Kathryn and Chris of an impending seizure before it happened allowing them to proactively help Kevin. Since getting Cooper their fur family has grown to three with Andee (grey) and Gus (brown). All their dogs are have unique personalities and each has played a role in their move into the breeding world.

Their dogs have given them so much and they hope to share a piece of that with you. 

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