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To be considered as a Guardian Home for one of our breeding dogs, we require that you live within 30 minutes of our home. We live right outside of Kemptville, Ontario.

  • It is necessary that you have physical fencing to provide a safe and secure environment for the Guardian dog/puppy
  • You must own your home
  • The primary care giver must have a schedule that will allow for your dog to not be left alone for extended periods of time.
  • All dogs and pups placed in Guardian Families must be indoor dogs, and never be left outside unattended.
  • Guardian Families must have reliable transportation, and a willingness to bring the Guardian dog/pup to us when needed throughout the year.
  • You must be willing to feed an Ultra Premium Food recommended by Great Scott Labradoodles.
  • No intact male dogs (not neutered) should be residing on the premises to increase a risk of an unwanted mating.
  • Provide regular exercise and socialization
  • You must have a willingness to accept and follow breeders recommendations for the dogs basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention etc.
  • A willingness to maintain open lines of communications with Great Scott Labradoodles with any matter related to the dog.
  • A willingness to allow us to visit your home and be able to visit my home so the dog and I are familiar to one another.


           Most importantly give all the love, care and attention possible!!

Our Guardian Program

To expand our breeding program and ensure our breeding dogs are given the love and attention they deserve we offer a Guardian Program. Families that are selected for guardianship of our breeding dogs will be given a dog with the best qualities as outlined in our breeding standards. The benefit this offers our guardians is that by the age of 2 their dog will be fully health tested at our ​expense.

A $500 deposit is still required to enter the Guardian Program. When your dog has finished its breeding career the deposit will be returned to you. Taking on guardianship of one of our dogs is no small task. Your dog will be with us for about 1 week prior to her delivery date and will remain with us for approximately 6-8 weeks post delivery until the puppies are fully weaned. We encourage you to visit us over this period. 

If you are home to a male guardian, from time to time we will be using the dog for breeding. We will need to dog for an hour or two during that time. If you are away when we plan on using him as a stud please let us know and we will work on a solution to facilitate care and use of the dog while you are away. 

If you are chosen for a guardian puppy, you will receive the dog between 8 and 16 weeks. Between the ages of 1 and 2 Great Scott Labradoodles will complete health testing. Once we have received all results we will be able to assess whether he/she is fit to enter our breeding program. If for any reason we decide the puppy is not fit to enter our breeding program, we will then request that the dog be spayed/neutered at your expense. The puppy will remain with you and there will be no further cost associated to your newly adopted puppy.  If you are receiving a guardian puppy we ask that you send us monthly photos so we can watch their development and update our website. Occasionally we will ask that we be allowed to visit you and your dog. It is important that the dog is friendly with us and feels comfortable. We may also ask that you bring the dog to our house so it is not strange to them when they come to have their litters. 

Our Breeding dogs live with us as family pets. They share our home. We do not want our dogs in a kennel like environment. The purpose of the Guardian Program is to give our breeding dogs a family and a home where they are loved and given the life they deserve. 

Guardian Requirements 

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